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Under which conditions_foreign lawyer_provision of legal services (not from EU Member State, State Party to the EEA Agreement and Swiss federation)


A foreign lawyer, who is not a citizen of an EU member state, is entitled to provide legal services within the territory of the Czech Republic.

Admission to the Bar and the requested documents

The Czech Bar Association records a foreign lawyer in the Register of Lawyers upon:

·         submission of a written application (there is no form for this application a letter will suffice)

·         submission of entitlement to provide legal services in his home country

·         passing the equivalency examination; the equivalency examination shall examine the knowledge of legislation on the provision of legal services and a basic knowledge of the law of the Czech Republic; it shall also check the knowledge of the professional rules. The examination may be taken in Czech, English, German or French language.


A lawyer who has been admitted to the Bar as a foreign lawyer shall be entitled to provide legal services only in the area of law of the country in which he obtained his entitlement to provide legal services and in the area of international law.

The registry office of the Czech Bar Association is responsible for registering of foreign lawyers. For registration of a foreign lawyer please contact an employee of the Registry Office: e-mail:

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