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Welcome at the Czech Bar Association

The Czech Bar Association is the biggest legal professional organization in the Czech Republic. It is a self-governing organization performing public administration in the area of the Legal Profession and, as such, it protects and guarantees the quality of the provision of the legal services by lawyers.

There are 10 280 active lawyers registered in the Register of Lawyers of the Czech Bar Association on the date 1 January 2014.

At our webpages you may find, i.a., the list of lawyers which will facilitate a search for an appropriate lawyer in relation to your case, the Act on the Legal Profession, members of the Board of Directors of the Czech Bar Association and contact information.

We believe that webpages of the Czech Bar Association will become your much-sought-for partner.





Where to find us


Česká advokátní komora - Kaňkův palác (hlavní budova)
Národní 16
110 00 Praha 1
tel.: +420 221 729 011
fax: +420 224 932 989


Pobočka ČAK Brno - Kleinův palác
Nám. Svobody 84/15
602 00 Brno
tel.: +420 542 514 401
fax: +420 542 514 409